The Download Hits 200 Episodes Today


Congratulations to game designers Keith Baker (of Twogether Studios) and Andy Looney (of Looney Labs) on reaching their 200th episode of their podcast, The Download!

This podcast is a weekly romp through the minds of these two long-time friends and successful game designers. You'll hear their thoughts on movies, books, TV, and various geekery of all kinds - plus you often get a sneak peek into what to expect next from their respective companies.

CLICK HERE to listen to episode #200 and all the rest.

READ MORE to hear about the game we made to celebrate! 

For each episode, after Andy and Keith record it, they come up with a title for the episode. This title and episode description are sent to an artist friend, Goodloe Byron, who draws a picture for the episode based only on this info. We have been doing this since the begining, so we now have 200 pieces of artwork for The Download - and they have all been uploaded into our new Custom Loonacy website!  

Superfan Dr. Leila Zucker has been listening and cataloging the podcast, and in celebration of the 200th episode, she has chosen what she thinks are the 24 best episodes - based on the art and content, plus the mix of media vs game design talk, and the mix of Andy vs Keith in the show.

And she has created a Custom Loonacy deck featuring the artwork of these 24 episodes! 

You can buy a copy of this deck for only $10. 

Buy THIS ONE  if you want Andy's favorite version!

Buy THIS ONE  if you want Kristin's favorite version!

Why are there two versions?  Because this is CUSTOM Loonacy, and there are many things you can customize! 

Both versions have the same 24 images/episodes that Leila selected, but they present the information differently on the cards, and they each provide a somewhat different sort of game play.  

Three sample card images are shown below...  this is the same card in 3 different variations of Leila's 24 favorite episodes. The middle one is from Kristin's favorite version of the deck. PIC/TEXT TO TEXT, NO CORNERS. Kristin likes this one because you need to read the episode name and match it to the picture, and you can check the fine print name under the picture to check that you got it right.


Andy's favorite version of Leila's deck is PICTURE TO PIC/TEX, WITH CORNERS. None of the 3 pics above are from this deck, but the left and right are decks that can be easily created by you with a slight adjustment to Andy's favorite version. 

To get the version on the left, you just need to toggle the Corner Images button that chooses between corners or no corners. To get the one on the right, you need to toggle the button that chooses between Single or Paired images.



To make changes to a deck in the public library, just click on the Copy and Edit This Deck button - and you have your own copy to change to anything you want. You can even change out the pictures!  These decks represent Dr. Leila's favorite 24 episodes - but the artwork for all 200 episodes are in the system, so you can swap in your own favorites. Be sure you ask for a PDF proof of your custom deck before you print!


Please check out the 200th Episode of Andy and Keith's podcast - and buy YOUR favorite version of Leila's favorite episode deck!  The game costs only $10 - and the podcast is free!  Thanks for listening and for playing our games!